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The MC has 23 sisters that he recently found out about and now he's on a mission that his dying, horny, absentee father has sent him on. He will travel the world with unlimited resources and have lots of family fucking!! Be careful though. Your mission can go hilariously wrong. It also can go violently wrong. It's up to you.

Updated 2 days ago
StatusIn development
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
GenreVisual Novel, Adventure
TagsAdult, Comedy, creampie, Funny, impregnation, incest, Male protagonist, pregnancy, Ren'Py
Average sessionAbout an hour
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23Sisters-0.11d-pc.zip 1 GB
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23Sisters-0.11d.apk 183 MB

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finally got around to playing update .11d. I've downloaded it 2x and it keeps saying image z00 not found when his ex boss (the blonde) is blowing him

It's a bug.  My coder messed up what I had fixed.  It'll be correct in the next update.  Sorry about that.  

np, just didn't know if anyone had reported it. Keep up the great work 馃憤 馃憦 馃挭 馃憣 馃檶 


Im a degenerate like everyone else who play porn games but this is just a straight up dumpster fire. Its beyond fucking weird and became next to impossible to keep playing. Such great potential wasted


Sorry you didn't enjoy it. For me this is one of my favorite ones, along with daddy's girls. The dialog cracks me up

Deleted 60 days ago
Deleted 60 days ago

This has been a lot of fun.  Just a wild and crazy, over the top story.   Im getting an error on the android version with the message "images/side_images/bao_side.png" is missing.  It's the .11alpha version so I'm expecting issues.  Just wanted to point it out.  Thanks!

Glad you like it.  I'll look into the error.  Thanks.  

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I cant not download the game I already  Purchased for $3.00 193 days ago say Nothing is available for download yet.


You've got to purchase it again.Well, until it goes free.  That'll be in less than three weeks.    You can get the last full update here for free though.  It came out two weeks ago.  https://f95zone.to/threads/23-sisters-v0-10c-doc5252.76819/


just curious did the price for the game go up? i bought for 5 and now its for 10.


It was supposed to be $10.  I messed up with the price.  


oh ok.

Deleted 66 days ago

There will be impregnation way in the future.  This game is much more of a slow burn, unlike my other games.  There's not even any sex scenes in the game yet.  There is some nudity though.  No, this is not VR.  


Are you talking about the same game?  23 sisters right?  

Spoiler warning!!!!!!!

The game where you have sex with and impregnate EVERY sister and some are underage?  That's actually the f*ng MISSION you are on that is set by your father.  At the point I stopped playing you were eagerly awaiting the birth and rapid growth of your own incest babies so you could F them and impregnate them too.

Had to go back and double-check.  Yep, incest (meh) explicit sex scenes (good scenes) pregnancy (meh). 


I was half awake when I wrote that.  I'm not able to function fully when I first wake up.  


the writing in this game was awesome. I don't think I've ever laughed so much while playing a game

I'm glad you like it.  


hey doc i was wondering if you are going to add any content with futa in the game



ok np

Hello There.

Buddy, I downloaded your game for Windows 10 in the links of yours and the game has no sound, anyidea why? (it's not my pc or headphones, both are news and works pretty good)


Most adult visual novels don't have sound.  This one doesn't either.  

Oh, I see, well, thanks anyway, I enjoy it without sound ^^

Yeah. For android there is a error. 

It is saying the apk update is invalid not installed im on note 10+


why are is there nothing to download?


There's only the paid version at the moment.  The free version will be available probably next week.  


Where are the saves kept. When I install the patch it won't let me continue past the super hero special.


There's no patch.  When you save your Superhero Special game don't do it over your regular save.

there are a few scenes that i have not been able to activate and i dont know what to do about them at all. idk if you have a walkthrough on here or not.

It's probably a bug.  I'll tell my coder.  

Sad that you ditched the loli characters, at least what I can tell through your updated screenshots.


There's still loli characters.  I didn't ditch them.  

bonjour le jeux est il payant ? car quand je veux le telecharger gratuitement il n'y a pas de fichier ? 

Pour le moment c'est uniquement payant. La version gratuite arrive bient么t

super merci beaucoup je vais l'acheter avec plaisir 

what has this to do with the original 23 sisters? i have not been paying attention lately due to so many irl issues.

You haven't redone the game have you??


I redid the game back in November.  Well, about 75% of it.  The Web Novel is the same story, but with a lot of added scenes.  

thanks for your fast reply, appreciate it and you my friend. i will download it and give it a try soon.

Doc are you a fan of the band tool by any chance

I kinda used to be, but I haven't listened to them in a while.  

I thought of it my first playthrough but forgot to ask based of the destruction of cali reminded me of one of their songs

Still having problems with the apk filles. I have tried deleting everything and it still won't work.

When was the last time you downloaded it.  I posted a new version of it last week.  

Finally got it to download. We good


I love this game so much! There aren't that many incest VN games in itch.io.. I'm so lucky to find this, the brother-sister incest is awesome, the whole incest thing is so hot.. If I had cash I'd definitely would support you as much as I could. Keep it up! 

When I try to install apk it keeps telling install fail. Is there some thing I can do so it will install the release?


Wipe clean and redownload.  That's all I can think of.  

Having problems with the apk. It keeps say missing items and cant download.

Have you tried redownloading it?

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funny glitch in jessica's part comes up with Julie as name and her image no error just a funny

It's a bug.  Thanks for reporting it.  It'll be fixed in Chapter 3.  

PC version scene raplay for superhero special crashes and exits game done fresh download and install twice

I have sent the report to Shaddy.  We'll see what he says.  

ss chpt 2 half the images aren't there on the apk

Hmm.  No one else has mentioned that.  

i don't understand because I've not had any issues with the downloads before

I talked to Shaddy.  He makes the Android version.  He's says to redownload and do a clean install.  See if that works.  

Sadly not made a difference

Hmm.  Shaddy checked the file to see if all the images are there.  They are.  I'm not sure what's going on.  

Any body else had problems with the app crashing on android

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where the models from?


hee doc what's your discord plz the link on F95zone.to is not usable anymore


I'm no longer on it.  I've been banned...Twice.   

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wait on your own channel WTH. 

and wy whats the reason

just only make a new account
and perhaps whe talk via voice

not a channel but just a account

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some neckbeard has been hounding Doc and reporting his servers and accounts to discord because he doesn't want to add/remove what they want

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that is kinda lame wat he is doing
odly enough this game is still on F95zone.com but the other 1is gone

Hey, and let me know if this is out of line and I'll delete the comment, but I notice you mention other creators and reference some other games here and there. I've tried to find some of them on itch.io (searched for the creator names you've mentioned and some of the game titles) but I haven't had any luck. Is there somewhere I should be looking, or a way to find them a bit easier? I'd like to at least drop them a follow or something.


Love seeing a creator as active as you are, especially one who displays their honesty like in the last dev log update. Kudos fam, I'll def try this out

Hey anyone knows how to put control options back like menu, replays and other options in mine they somehow just are not showing 

it is an android version

For this reason I like chat option on discord

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Megan is a girl she should say "Je suis toute excit茅e" if she has proper linguistic knowledge of french... But then again the missing e are mute and she's supposedly speaking so that wouldn't sound any different. Plus she only gained Grant's knowledge, maybe he never cared much about french. Just feels a bit off to see mistakes right before a speech about some great knowledge wich the use of foreign languages is supposed to emphasis.
Salope means slut, not whore by the way.


Google lied to me.  LOL

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Potato potahto...

The android version won't let you make choices with the new update :(

Just got the 0.7 and its got a bug on it i tried downloading the android version first and it freezes at the walkthrough bit and then tried the windows version and it starts to load game and then kicks me off


This is the funniest game I have played. You take tongue in cheek to a whole new level, cant wait for the next chapter. I think the guys head is gonna explode though lol 


Hey did you delete your discord server doc if yes will you create a new one in future


I was banned...Twice.  I've kinda given up on Discord.  I'm trying to find an alternative.


When you find it just notify us too please


Will do.  


Saves don't work? thank's


There's no need to load a save.  There's no new story content.  This is a revamp.  I've redone a lot of the beginning and middle.  There will be a skip button in the next update so you don't have to replay everything.  


Thank you


Is the full revamp Didn't have any story update?

Congratulations on finishing the Full revamp.馃槉



Is there an Android version of the new update?

I'm still waiting for my coder to create it.  It'll hopefully be up by tomorrow afternoon.  


The Android version has been posted.  I hope you like it.  

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