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The MC has 23 sisters that he recently found out about and now he's on a mission that his dying, horny, absentee father has sent him on. He will travel the world with unlimited resources and have lots of family fucking!! Be careful though. Your mission can go hilariously wrong. It also can go violently wrong. It's up to you.


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23Sisters-0.06d-pre-patched.apk 97 MB
TheCossoverSpecial-0.1-pc.zip 106 MB
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The first couple of meet and fuck are nice, but basically after Mary it gets too fast paced. Sure you have your daughters to breed in addition to your sisters and all. But what's the point if one can't even know who is who? There is too little content with individual girls, and i don't mean sexual ones. They don't even have personalities anymore.

"Hey couple weeks old mutant that came from my womb, so this is your dad, he's gonna put a baby in you"
"ok mom"

Then there is the matter of Grant, he has a family impregnation fetish and now a huge familly, but "chose" to transfer himself into a sexless bot with not even a dildo for a dick, that doesn't make sense. That might be a plot twist though, before he tries to take over your body or something.

There's also a whole bunch of errors. For exemple when Sammy and Tamy are taking their daughters - Candice, Sandy, Janis and Brandy - to eat something out with the van. Basically during that part every time Sammy speaks it's written that it's Sandy who speaks. Taking names that kinda look alike can be confusing.

Now good job on the goat girl and Randie they look really cute.

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Man, I like renders and characters, but the stories and dialogues in your games are like made for 8y/olds. Check some erotic movies at least.

please fix the problem .at least reply with best regards

Loli pach where is it missing now

Download from here and you don't need the patch.  The only time you need the patch is if you download from F95.  

0.5 version unzip 776mb. Unzip version 06 666mb. and there is almost no sex scene is this normal?
I wonder if I downloaded something wrong. can someone answer

There is almost no sex scene in the 6th update, is this normal? 5 were awesome. 6 if 0

There should be 4 animations.  The Meeh HJ, the twins, and two scenes with Sheila.  


Plz add an optional birth scene


since you can choose the age you should add in things in the sex scenes like "Don't you like fucking my -- year old pussy? things like that...

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I like pineapple on pizza. Sue me. 

And before you say I am tasteless, I have the TAS2R38 (supertaster) gene, so my sense of taste is likely far superior to yours. 

The only reason Gordon Ramsay snuffed pineapple on pizza is because the citric acid in the pineapple mixes with the citric acid of the tomato sauce, and makes the pizza taste sour. However, I happen to like sour tastes. 

A LOT of people like sour stuff. That's why War-Head candies are a thing. Some people, like Gordon Ramsay, don't like overly sour things. That's fine, too. 

There is no need to snub people for their individual tastes. And shitting on graves is FAR too far.

Just... tone down the pineapple pizza hate a little? I understand the game mentioning it as a joke, and the extreme position makes it easier to take as humor, but the numerous repetitions bring it to the point where it's hard not to feel a bit attacked. 

Edit: That said... I too enjoy stuffed crust.


I love pineapple pizza too... I find the dig at pineapple pizza in both this game and DLG hilarious!
Sometime one just has to be able to laugh at oneself! ;)


Love it! Alpha Bitch!!!!!!!!!!!! Cannot wait for more - you are talented. 


Okay, finished the demo so far. This game is so fucked it's fucking hilarious. My favourite is the goat-girl, or Mary.


So far, I have gotten as far as the first girls questions, and I can't stop laughing. What the fuck is this game lol

Good game, but lost me on the age slider. Good luck Doc

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I like the game, but there are a couple things that I would like to point out. The animations could use work (they need to be a little smoother, and if it is not being added or made smoothly due to the file size that would be required to add it in, I understand). The second thing I would like to point out is the fact that when the main character and another character are having sex, it should look a little more wet on the genital parts. Another thing I should point out is that in the android distribution the text sometimes overflows off the screen and also, at one point of the game, the text has some weird stuff happen at the end of it (might be a buffer/int overflow or something, but idk). I figure I should point this out before I mention what I think overall about the content. The content is good, but I do have to criticize a couple scenes. One, the father had gray-ish looking hair at the beginning, but it changes to white very fast, and it was a little to fast for me to ignore. Second, the "so I bought a fleet of private jets and bought the company" excuse gets a little overused, and these sort of transactions take time, so I guess this is kind of a plot issue, but it's a porn game so who gives a damn. Other than that, the lack of a gallery/replay scene menu, and some of the facial expressions that the characters make sometimes (idk why, but sometimes it's kind of a turn off), the game seems pretty good. I think some of my criticism may be because it's a 3d game, which is very hard to perfect. Overall, I like the game, and hope to see it continue to be developed.

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Yo we need a scene replay in the menu . 

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"Knowing you knocked up a girl when she didn't want to be knocked up..." Colossal asshole. However I find I like whenever a girl says "Make sure to pull out before you cum." MC: "Ok. Uh uhh uhh. Oops sorry." "YOU FUCKING ASSHOLE!!! DID YOU CUM INSIDE ME??? I'LL BECOME PREGNANT!!!" Something like that is funny. Any kind of writing in games. I guess I find it just as fun as the old man Frank. Excellent writing so far.

So .5. Big BIG Update you say? More girls to Fuck? More Sisters to impregnate? Personally I like asshole licking and pussy licking. Cunnilingus and Anilingus. I look forward to seeing 23 Sisters v5.


It's the full update that's gonna be massive.  I'm releasing a small (Compared to the rest of the update) Alpha tomorrow.  That's not the big one.  It's what comes after the Alpha that's gonna be big.  I create the Alpha to make money to buy more assets for DAZ3D.  


Impregnating your daughters, sisters, mother, aunt, nieces, cousins should always be standard.


Tried to run game. It couldn't run the .exe file and asked if it was missing, which it wasn't.


Delete the game and redownload it.  




This game is hilarious!


how can I get on your discord page? I could before but it won't let me now.


Doc is having an issue with discord right now, but he is working on fixing it.


Holy shit, this game is hilarious!  Great stuff and I can't wait to see the rest of it.  Thanks!

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Will this game have more Pregnancies? ;)


DEFINITELY!!  Already planned.  

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Hell yeah, dude! - I'm loving this game already and look forward to wilder stuff in future updates.

Deleted 133 days ago

Working on it as I speak. 


excelent game


Port for android?


There's one on F95Zone.to.  I don't did make it so I can't post it on here, but one does exists.




No problem.  


Amazing, can't wait to see further development.


espero que el juego siga a delante


esperando próxima actualización