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A funny story about a father, his family and friends.  It's an incestfest!  

Updated 12 days ago
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
GenreVisual Novel
TagsAdult, Comedy, cousin, daughter, incest, loli, milf, pregnant, Singleplayer, sister
Average sessionA few seconds
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DaddysLittleGirls-1.0b-pc.zip 762 MB
DaddysLittleGirls-1.0b-mac.zip 727 MB
DaddysLittleGirls-1.0b.apk 137 MB

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Hello, is version 1.0 the continuation of 0.7b? thank you


Is this the final version?

Yes but he will start a prequel next year because there is more story in his head 馃槈

if you would have had it at 10 or even 15 i would have bought it out right.  just for future consideration.

okay i get the price that you need to recoup, but you have less than 1 gb of game play and there are games our there with 2 gb that only sale for  15 or 19 dollars. so your game is that good that it warrants a one of the  highest prices that i have seen for a game.   

It's gonna drop to $10 tomorrow, then $5 on Thursday, then it'll be free on Saturday.  

What happened to the download ? It's not on the page !


"This game is free but the developer accepts your support by letting you pay what you think is fair for the game."

Apparently phucking not.


Actually the game is free.  Full Updates are 100% free.  Alphas and PreReleases are not.  What is released right now is an Alpha.  They are not free.  

So when is the free release bud


Probably about a two weeks.  


Is this the right version? I have the same Version from Juli, 5th 2022. Also 0.7b

Yeah, it's the right version.  

hmm weird. the files have a date from june, 30th..the files from me are from july 5th.. something is wrong.. the picture is from the previous version.. the update from today is from june..i麓m confused

There were a couple of bug fix updates.  That's probably why.  

ah okay. that makes senses.. thank you


Where loli pacht? or is it include in?

Doesn't need one.  

Haven't finished yet, but it needs some work. I set a custom last name, default was Stevens, everyone calls Mr Stryker. Am I missing something here? Cuz that's neither of the previous choices.

There is no custom last name.  It's only the first.  At least it should be.  

Saw this on KaGo3 site, thought i'd try as come across alot of good VNs through him.

I must say, i am not sure about... haha when you say incestfest, damn you really mean it.  the writing and dialog is messed up, dont mean that in a bad way. its free, unrestricted and refreshing, certainly very funny at times. thought you joking about the abductions and then poof! 

I really enjoyed the short bit i played. looks good, very funny. for me however they are too young for me to continue. If anyone new here reads this and not bothered by that.... then i would recommend giving it go.

P.S. i love pineapple on pizza! i swear i don't know what your issues are.... hahahahaha

where is all patch's?

There is no patch.  

can we have one?

Well there is one (unofficial) 

but I'd rather not link to it...

It's pretty easy to find tho, 

Google doesn't bite  

Well... Not an official one...

hey doc every time i try to download the game nothing shows up to download can you please help me with this 

It's only "Pay" right now.  It'll be free tomorrow.  

ok np

I cant unlock the first 2 screens and the last 3 screens in the second page for the scene replay . I have tried everyway possible ways, I don't know what to do. I follow the in game walkthrough and tried everything else.

am i supposed to be downloading the full release 0.6 or 0.6b? I know beta versions always have some weird things going on in these types of games, like missing lewd scenes for example, instead of a scene all you see is a black place holder for the images, or the wrong images for the wrong scene etc.


6b is the newest update.  It's not a beta.  

thanks mate!

have the same issue as Hito new downloaded fresh install dosen't help

Can anyone explain to me how it's NTR if you are the MC of all the games

I actually thought it was quite a funny ironic joke really.


Prolly it is a joke mocking that

Android version has issues

first: it doesn't make you play the new content v.06 unless you bypass it by a PC save

Second: Tiff & Krissy fingerings scene doesn't play it stuck before it

for some reason i am having exterme difficulties trying to figure out how to get the first 2 sceens in the second page for the replay. i have tried multiple ways i dont know what to do.

Try the "Walkthrough."

(1 edit)

Have done so.  And, like DR, I can't get either the first two or the last three on page 2. If I make the "non recommended" choices, that results in fewer scenes or aneurysms (and, thus, no more scenes).  This has included visiting the girls in different orders. Haven't done the "turn gay" option. That would seem non-conducive to continuing play.  Even did a run where I didn't change any of the default ages and that didn't help.

It's probably a bug.  I'll look into it.  

Am i the only one that even though it says its version .6 its not actually giving me the extra scenes its ending at .5

I'm having same issue. How can we fix it please.

Download the PC version go past that point and save then copy your save and it will play normally

Where are the saves kept on android?


(2 edits)

hee doc where is update 6.0 iff you are saying its finishd i dont get any downloads its saying there is no DL options.

NVM i found out wy you forgot to release the payment lock today since its sunday lol

(1 edit)

Hello what is the latest version 0.5b or 0.5c?


I know you've just released the ss of 23 sisters when do you think the next update for this will be?

(1 edit) (+1)

Probably early April.  I'm doing 3 chapters to the Superhero Special.  If you enjoy DLG you will enjoy the Superhero Special.  It's not actually a 23 Sisters spinoff.  It's a major crossover.  Characters from both games get equal time.  

yes i loved chapter 1 so I'm looking forward to the rest of it aswell 


hee doc what's your discord link plz

hee doc you game on F95zone is being blocked even though it whas alowd first what happen

For some reason F95 banned it.  

becausse i know firs off all it whas alowd becausse it needed to patchd aka rule7
go talk whit the site owners maybe you can get the page backup there

they run that site like little nazi's.  they really are not worth the time of day to be honest. they are no different than any other pirate site out there, except for their weird rules.  F95 behave almost like patreon. i don't support anyone there because i refuse to pay 8% of my money to them so they can censor what i download...no other site, including steam, paypal or any credit card companies care, because i have used them all to support developers through subscribe star.  

Where do find LewdTheLolis work? You've mentioned them a few times. (And who is TigerDiamond btw?)

They're my proofreaders.  

Found an error in scene replay page 2 - "images/cs/x00.webp" not found. I have rectified the error myself using unrenbat.  Directory was /ch/ not /cs. Changed to /cs and error gone.

Feedback, hi i come across a error in the v.n. and screen capp'ed it so it can be fixed in the next build.

Is that 0.3 or 0.4?  I though I fixed that.  If it's 0.3 it's been fixed, or so I think.

Never mind.  I thought I had fixed it, but I was wrong.  It's been fixed now.  Thank you.  

Daddys Little Girls 0.4 Alpha

What the actual hell did I just play?


Glad you liked it.  

Deleted 258 days ago

Android version freezes

I cant play you daddys little girls 0.3b version it says and error has occurred when running game code


Tried this 0.2 and 23 sisters 0.6 as well, and shortly w'd like to say, too much dull dialogues/monologues w/out an interesting taboo story. You better check on some nice works in the genre and copy/paste a story w/some changes.., that would make your game more interesting and enjoyable than in the current state, IMHO.


Does your best game have no updates?


Stay tuned.  It'll be updated in October.  I'll be getting back to work on DLG on Sunday or Monday.   I'm squashing bugs for 23 Sister trying to get a public release for it.  

(1 edit) (+1)

I pay for this game without questioning anything

I love this game, especially the inc... Between the whole family , pregnancy, and dirty talking



house main room background with no curtains? other than this irrelevancy definitely, a very funny game where insanity abounds everywhere which is the main charm of this game.

any news on 0.3? thanks for a fun game so far!


Pretty good game so far. But the background in the swimsuit shopping scene is like like Pineapple Pizza, just looking at it hurt my eyes.


What's with all the racism? I know it's probably just random edgy not that funny humor, but really why?


There's no racism in this game.  Just because you joke about a race, does not make it raciest.  Go watch Blazing Saddles by Mel Brooks.  You might have a stroke.    


If you say so I guess, seems like bad taste though in the game.


I played DaddysLittleGirls-0.2alpha

i love your game

It has all the tags I like.

I thought the update would be a little longer and with some "action"

Then 10 min. to play and without "action" is disappointing.

I Wish you improve the game to encourage people to pay and not expect the game to be free

Finally a suggestion

A mature mother for the MC (hairy pussy, big tits, )etc for the MC to get pregnant too

Good luck for the next update.


There was action.  Did you start a new game?  If you didn't you'd miss it.  


Why is this game no longer appearing in the search results? Did it get unindexed?
I have nsfw content turned on and other adult games (such as 23 sisters) appear just fine.


Just wanna say that I love the running gag about the pizza guy!


Hey please also add the feature of changing text size just like as in 23 sisters some texts can't be seen properly


Very good and hot game

I love family incest, the whole family.

grandparents, brothers, children, pregnant big belly etc.

i love dirty talk

I wish you don't give up

congratulations for your game


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